Correct wearing and care of latex clothes

Many people like the look of latex clothes, underwear, suits and the way it feels on the body. With proper care, caution and maintenance, latex clothing will provide many years of pleasure and wear.

While putting on latex suit that is supposed to fit tightly and cling the body, please have a patience and use talcum powder or a latex dressing aid in order not to damage the suit and not to remain stretchings and breaks on it. You may grease the suit inside and you may also grease the body for better sliding, it will make latex slide easily along the body and simplify its putting on considerably.

You should not pull latex with fingers, please use big part of a palm in order to pull it on the body by thorough smoothing movements. Be accurate with watches, jewellery and their sharp parts, or you should better take them off not to damage the clothes. Latex is taken off slowly and carefully too, but this process is much easier.

Wash latex clothes and underwear after each use. Latex density makes skin sweat, washing latex clothing after each use will remove sweat from the surface and will maintain its best look for a longer period of time. You can use a soft cloth, a little bit of liquid soap and warm water to wipe latex inside and outside. In order to get rid of water on the latex, it is enough to shake the product slightly. Do not hang the clothes and underwear in the sun, use plastic hangers and store the clothes in a dark place. It is better to keep multicolored clothes separately. In order to prevent adhesion of latex while storing, you should powder it with talc.

If you saw latex in person or on photos, you could have noticed that it shines and sparkles at light. When you buy your first latex product, its look can disappoint you, as originally it does not shine at all and looks like ordinary rubber. To make it shine there are many polishes for latex clothes, silicone grease without additives will be perfect, too. Put a bit of polish or silicone grease on the product and rub it with hands. It is possible to use a soft cloth, which does not remain fluff.

Latex is a very gentle material; keep it away from fire, heaters and cigarettes. Do not keep it long in the sun or fluorescent light. Such metals as bronze, brass and copper can leave stains on your clothes while long wearing. Decorative cosmetics, perfumes, oils and greases on oil basis can damage latex. Contact with them is undesirable.

Follow these simple recommendations and your clothes will serve you a long time and you will enjoy using it.