Latex and vinyl. What the difference!?

Certain materials are used in manufacturing fetish clothing. They are different but still have one feature in common which is elasticity. Excellent stretching characteristics of these materials make it possible to make the most skintight clothes and achieve ‘second skin’ effect. Such clothes perfectly cling the body and emphasise all body curves.

As a rule fetish clothes are made of shiny materials such as latex and vinyl. There also exists mat vinyl without any shine at all but it is less popular.

Latex and vinyl are two completely different materials both according to their physical characteristics and to the feelings they give. Some information about main differences between these two materials is given below.

Latex is produced by means of caoutchouc vulcanization (lactic sap of rubber-bearing plants). It is natural rubber which is used for manufacturing mattresses, condoms, baby’s dummies. It is also widely used in medicine, etc. Besides latex is the most popular material for making fetish clothes. Clothing made of natural latex must be put on slowly and very cautiously with the help of talc or special substance on silicone basis. It stretches excellently (up to 800%). Latex is firm enough but may be easily damaged with nails or sharp items. Initially latex does not shine at all and looks like ordinary rubber. To make it look shiny it is necessary to use different polishes for latex clothing or lubricant on silicone basis. Latex tighten the body, it quickly becomes warm and feels like second skin. Each touch, each change in temperature and each wind movement is felt in latex suit. No other materials can give such sensations.

Vinyl is material with fabric basis and PVC covering. Stretch vinyl has excellent stretching characteristics (up to 200%). Thickness of PVC covering is 50 microns. Stretch vinyl of high quality looks almost like latex. You don’t need to use any special substances or lubricants while putting it on. Vinyl doesn’t require any polishes and is easily worn on dry body. This kind of clothing stretches significantly less than latex one but due to fabric basis it is much more difficult to damage it. Vinyl feels like ordinary clothes. Basically it serves to create an image without giving any special sensations.

Stretching characteristics of vinyl make it possible to manufacture excellently clinging clothes with minimum quantity of seams. Besides the stretch vinyl described above there also exists ordinary vinyl which stretches in one direction only (up to 50%) and is thicker than stretch vinyl (starting from 150 microns). Such vinyl is used in manufacturing clothes of more loose cut as it would require making much more seams and tucks comparing to stretch vinyl in order to manufacture skintight clothing. Mat embossed vinyl is called leatherette. There is also tough and very solid varnished vinyl with fabric basis and PVC covering with polymorphous varnish. Such vinyl is widely used in shoes manufacturing industry and for corsets making.

To sum up the above I would like to note that latex is perfect for sexual games and as home wear, thematic parties and photoshoots. It gives deep sensations and looks stunning. Latex is very pleasant to touch and it perfectly clings the body emphasising every curve.

Vinyl is the best choice for going out to night club or party. It would be good for sexual games too. It clings the body less but looks as good as latex. Vinyl doesn’t require polishes and is easily put on.